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Who we are

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Arxis through its people can boast a multi-decade experience in IT consultancy; we have been in the market since 2003 offering consultancy, technical-specialist support and training and coaching services .
The company is specialized in providing technical solutions and application management services as well as architecture design and implementation services.
Today Arxis is one of the reference players in the Italian market SAP World and it is the only aimed exclusively on the technological component Sap. Starting from June 2018, Arxis has become part of the Solve.it group, parent company and owner of Arxis. Altogether the group can count on more than 170 employees and a turnover of over 12 million euros. Our staff is made from high-qualified professionals with a long-time experience in IT operations. They came from the most important IT companies and are able to act as proactive negotiators in providing tailored solutions for your business. Our consultants will translate your requests in solutions and anticipate future needs.
Our aim is to support our partners in order to encourage a knowledge exchange expected to the growth of both of us.
For Arxis the client is the most important part of the business: our goal is to establish a positive and long-lasting partnership, creating the requirements and the contents for a prestigious client portfolio. Thanks to our technical skills and to our serious approach we have created privileged partnerships with the main consultancy companies in Italy and abroad.
We search for excellence and, for that reason, we mainly bet on quality, attested by our many certificates on Information & Communication Technology.
Arxis, as SAP Service Partner, provide for his consultants a career plan that bring to technical certification within two years from their hiring. This long-term strategy allows Arxis to keep a high employees/certification ratio, in fact some of them own more than one certification.
Through the development of our successful projects, technological skills and our own methodological approach, Arxis can offer an articulated, complete and dynamic range of professional services.

What we do

società di consulenza milano


Professionalism and experience make Arxis the ideal partner when choosing technological solutions, considering all the implications in terms of economic and time resources for the implementation. We can help you in choosing the operating system, the most convenient Data Base platform, the Backup instrument, all the particulars to take into account to improve the performance of the environment, hardware modifications or how to interface the different systems of an IT scenario.


In what we believe

Taking care of our partners means offering them our know-how. Education is a priority for Arxis.
For this the company invests a major part of its resources in training plans for its System Administrators, Project Managers, Technical Accounts and Service Managers. They are not only top technicians, managers or technology specialists but also good interlocutors with a goal: to understand the partner’s needs and to translate them into real appropriate solutions.

Our ambition is to be a company whose staff is proud to be part of; for our clients we want to be an easy and profitable Information & Communication Technology Company to work with.



Our goal is to contribute to our partner’s success and evolution, designing, carrying out and managing innovative computer solutions through a talented group of people. Arxis will offer those professionals the ideal environment to develop their own professional expertise.


Arxis wants to be the driving force of the IT market providing our partners with a “high-reliability” service thanks to a methodology based on information sharing and the replication of the specific competences .



We are a dynamic company, constantly seeking to improve the quality of our services and the level of our skills as well as the ability to motivate, innovate and advise our partners.


Arxis’ professionalism is in its consultants. Every year, an important part of the capital is invested in training and workshop activities; the purpose is to improve the value of our resources, trying in this way to aim for excellence.


Arxis consultancy services are always focus on partner’s processes and business goals trying to propose tailored solutions and a long-term vision.


Our business is to bring added value to our partners.
We believe that the most valuable asset is people: our own and those of our partners.


Arxis offers technological solutions with the only scope of translating your goals and needs into operativity in on time and within budget.

Social Involvement

società di consulenza sap

Arxis is not only interested in ICT fields but also in the sociocultural activities. Arxis commits itself through social initiatives, by sponsoring NGO’s projects.
ROADWAY FOR CHILDREN is the project organized by the NGO Tavolo 8 onlus where Arxis is involved as main sponsor.

The goal was to carry and install an incubator in the orphanage of Sister Domitille in Cabrousse, Casamance, Senegal. This is a vast rural area, which is still suffering from a dramatic civil war between the Senegalese Army and the rebels that fight for independence from the rest of the country.
The trip has began in Milan and has finished in South Senegal, after nearly 5.000 km through France, Spain, Morocco, West Sahara, Mauritania and Gambia.

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