SAP, the Intelligent Enterprise in the era of industrial IoT

AI MWC features the IIOT and industry 4.0 features of SAP Leonardo IoT, also in interoperability with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

A technology that drives digital transformation for the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0, and is also interoperable with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, in order to make the choice of the connection and management model of the devices. These are the functionalities of SAP Leonardo IoT, presented by SAP during the Mobile World Congress currently being held in Barcelona.

SAP is uniquely positioned to combine IoT data into business processes, explains a note, and SAP Leonardo IoT will help increase productivity, redefine customer experience and grow revenue. It will also allow companies to combine IoT solutions in line-of-business (LoB), improve applications with IoT technology and develop new business models based on new data generated by IoT solutions.

SAP Leonardo IoT will help innovate and improve business processes using data-driven intelligence and an operational environment derived from machines, products, supply chains, consumers and partners. SAP Leonardo IoT will offer three models of innovation based on specific business needs, which include:

  • Combining IoT data with business processes to launch applications with integrated IoT capabilities and accelerate adoption to provide customers with the ability to quickly innovate from business applications including SAP S / 4HANA, the SAP C / 4HANA suite , SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Ariba solutions and the SAP Digital Supply Chain portfolio
  • extending existing SAP IoT applications to generate better business value
  • development of new intelligent IoT solutions using SAP Leonardo IoT to create unique and differentiating offers.

In addition, there is now the possibility of using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub as a basis for telemetry IoT data connectivity and device management, which are then transmitted fluently to SAP Leonardo IoT. SAP Leonardo IoT Edge also offers the option to extend support for business processes locally on top of the Microsoft Azure IoT Edge runtime. The Essential Business Function (EBF) modules based on SAP Leonardo IoT Edge are also planned to run in containers on Microsoft Azure IoT Edge, reducing dependency on latency, bandwidth and connectivity.

“SAP delivers valuable insight and drives business results by bringing IoT data into business processes. With the launch of SAP Leonardo IoT, SAP consolidates its commitment to the IoT, and in particular to the Industrial IoT. The combination of IoT and our deep and extensive expertise in the high-value industrial sector and in applications help to achieve greater business value and a stronger competitive advantage, “said Elvira Wallis, senior vice president and global head of IoT. SAP.