Sap explains Robotic Process Automation in a course in September

From September 17th to October 16th 2019, Sap will make the SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation in a Nutshell course available on an openSAP platform. The three-hour course introduces robotic process automation (RPA) and the individual cloud and on-premise components of SAP Intelligent RPA technology. It also explains the value of the technology to the business and its key differentiators.

This course follows the one held in the past months entitled Creating Trustworthy and Ethical Artificial Intelligence, about the ethical implications that are created when developing or interacting with artificial intelligence (AI).

It aimed at executives, professionals, developers and more generally those who use technologies related to artificial intelligence.
Through ethical guidelines for secure artificial intelligence and the advice of SAP consultants and external experts, the course guided users through the foundations of secure artificial intelligence. In addition, it taught how to create and maintain an artificial intelligence that places the human being at the centre, following technical and non-technical steps.