SAP and Italian RedCross together against bullying

The commitment of SAP and the Italian Red Cross is strengthened on the National Day against bullying with the initiative #DIB – DisconnectBullying

On February 7th, Italian Red Cross and SAP announced the third edition of #DIB-DisconnettiamoIlBullismo, a project that aims to raise awareness about bullying and cyberbullying, as well as the related legal consequences and general dangers of the network. Priority of the project is to create a new communication channel between schools and families, making them interact on the fight against acts of prevarication and growing violence.

The efforts of this 2020 campaign extend to a larger pool of first and second level secondary schools involved to reach an increasing number of young people, teachers and parents. Compared to previous editions, which saw the involvement of the Municipal Committee 5 of Rome and involved four schools in the municipality of Rome, this year the schools involved belong to the regions of Lazio and Campania, showing that this sensitive issue is growing in interest and concern of the phenomenon. There will be five (Agropoli, Alto Casertano and Matesino, Caserta, Rieti and Municipio 5 of Rome) the Committees of the Italian Red Cross that will see involved psychologists of the CRI Psychosocial Service, CRI volunteers trained in the subject, SAP volunteers and some university professors expert in this topic.

Peer Education, interaction and sharing: do students know about bullying?

Student involvement involves participation in meetings based on peer education, which will focus on interactive and participatory activities aimed at stimulating what is meant by acts of bullying and violence. Group activities, videos, short stories, guided debates and free conversations: all of these are fundamental to the initial mapping through surveys and the final mapping that verifies the increase in participants’ awareness.

Teachers and parents at the test

There are three perspectives useful for the definition of the social phenomena to face: psychological, informatics and legislative. Teachers and parents are called to actively participate in the informative meetings held by different professional figures, all experts in bullying and cyberbullying.

Over the years, there has been an aspect that differentiates teachers and teachers in their participation in such events/activities. Teachers have proven to be experts in identifying the characteristics of bullies and have shown interest in deepening the legal aspects and operational actions aimed at combating the phenomenon; parents, on the other hand, have little or no interest and deepen the phenomenology of bullying, lacking in identifying active or passive attitudes and behaviors.

“In our role as world leader in technology, we have a duty to support these initiatives aimed at raising awareness among young people of the correct use of new forms of digital communication, while stimulating the important values of diversity and inclusiveness,” commented Carla Masperi, Chief Operating Officer of SAP Italy. “For two years now, with the Italian Red Cross we have structured an important path that has already given excellent results, but we cannot lower our guard because the pitfalls of the network and the development of technologies do not stop and we must offer young people all the tools to improve their understanding of the nature of acts of abuse and violence. For this reason we have decided to multiply our efforts and expand the number of schools and people to be reached in the new edition”.

“As the Italian Red Cross we have always been engaged in activities to prevent and combat bullying and cyberbullying, which, in the age of digital socialization, are amplified by becoming transversal and increasingly rampant phenomena,” said Gabriele Bellocchi Vice President and National Youth Representative of the Italian Red Cross. “Thanks to the 40 thousand young CRI volunteers we can prefer a peer – to – peer comparison between young people going beyond the generation gap that very often hinders the emergence and reporting of violence. Renewing the commitment with SAP Italy by reaching more and more students and schools is an important goal in the activities to combat the phenomenon but we must continue on the path of social inclusion”.