Google Maps celebrates 15 years and presents the new look along with many new features

One of the most widely used Google tools in the world turns 15 years old and does so with a refresh in graphics and functionality. With the new look Google Maps, the company offers a series of new features that will help us to travel better and more safely. Let’s start with the five new tabs presented below.

Explore tab: through this tab, you will find ratings, reviews and information from over 200 million places and activities around the world.


Saved Tab: This tab will allow us to save a number of places of interest.

Route tab: this tab will be able to propose the ideal route to reach your destination, by car, on foot or by public transport.

Contributions tab: through this tab, we will have the possibility to share local information about roads, addresses or any missing information. We can also provide reviews of the various places we visit.

News Tab: this tab will report a series of updates on trend locations or those proposed by experts in the field. Through the News tab, you will be able to contact the locations that will be proposed to you to get information or to book.

Another new feature is the enhancement of the Live View with new updates, to offer even better results and, as a result, make our travel even easier. The Live View feature uses augmented reality to provide useful on-screen information for walkers. Then the surrounding environment is shown to us using the rear digital camera frame with road directions superimposed in augmented reality.
But one of the biggest news is security. Those who have already travelled a certain route will be able to leave various information regarding safety and possible problems related to the accessibility of the place. Another very useful information, which for the moment concerns only Japan, is the possibility to ask Maps, when we are on the train, which car is less crowded.
We will also be notified if, while travelling in a means of public transport, there are carriages or compartments dedicated only to women. Still, on the subject of security, Google Maps will provide information on the presence or absence of security personnel on board. It will also be possible to get information about the temperature detected by other users in the places you want to visit.