Arxis does not give up on Covid-19: people, a value to invest in

The wealth of Arxis is made up of its consultants and it is thanks to its people that Arxis can boast decades of experience in the IT consultancy sector and has been operating since 2003 offering consultancy, technical-specialist support, training and coaching services.

Today, unfortunately, our country, like the rest of the world, is going through a particularly difficult period because of the Covid-19, but our company Arxis Consulting does not stop and, despite the prolonged restrictions for the health emergency, continues to invest in the most important resources it has, that is, in people, because these represent the main value of the company.

In March 2020, Arxis invested in laboratory and training activities by launching the Arxis Academy project. The objective of this project is to select new SAP consultants to hire in the company. The course was attended by 7 candidates, all recent graduates in different disciplines and, at the end of the training course, 4 of them were selected to be hired in the company.

During the Academy course, transversal training was provided on various topics such as security, operating systems, database management, an introduction to SAP, system administration and more. Obviously, once the selected candidates have been recruited, their training will continue with the support of our specialized personnel.
The main objective of the Academy project is to maintain and increase the value of the resources made available to the clients, trying in this way to aim for excellence.

Arxis consultants also regularly follow training courses aimed at learning and deepening the English language. The training is managed through a videoconferencing system with mother tongue teachers. The heart of the sessions is conversation, language production and increasing one’s fluency skills.

This training is very important because Arxis operates not only on a national level, but also on an international level. The company has already managed a number of projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and in these cases it is very important to have speakers who are also linguistically prepared.

In this period Arxis is also participating in a training program with Microsoft. This course is aimed at excellent graduates and new graduates in the technical field and has as its objective the training of certified junior system & cloud engineer profiles with a solid theoretical-practical basis. Arxis, following this training project, will proceed with the insertion of a System Cloud Engineer. The trained professional figure will be aligned to Azure Administrator Associate certification, in addition to having skills in systems and networks and will be able to implement, monitor and manage Azure cloud solutions including the main services related to data processing, storage, networking and security.

The Coronavirus has unfortunately put in difficulty the performance of many activities, but time is always very valuable and for this reason Arxis does not stop, but invests these weeks in its staff.